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Paper Offers


Paper and Board.  Clay Coated Kraft Back, LWC, SC-all grades, Recycled coated, Recycled uncoated offset, SBS rolls, White top linerboard - coated and uncoated.  Poly 2S 21-23 pt. - very nice and full trucks monthly.
For 2014SBS- solid bleached sulfate board. Virgin fiber and the board is one piece and white in the middle.  Mostly higher calipers.  USA origin.  We are shipping this material constantly throughout the year.
Photo: LWC rolls. Typical clean job lots. These rolls are standard widths, high end printer s excess rolls.  For printers and converters needing discounted stocklot paper for high quality print jobs. 

Kraft Linerboard - Recycled and Natural KLB

All containers go w a numbered SEAL

Commercial Printers, Converters: We sell coated rolls which can be sheeted or used for heatset web offset printing.  Paper is excess material. Rolls are checked, cores are good, and the paper is a good buy.  Outstanding pricing.  Basically the clients which take advantage of these lots have in-house printing and sheeting.  It is also great for converters with satellite merchant distribution channels.  Ask for the matte and gloss coated rolls.  Product has been sold from South America to Europe - we have sold these rolls for the past three years, new business and repeat orders.  Often in original mill wrap, or heavy duty poly wrapped.

Our paper and board is stored in clean areas.  Rolls are sent cleanly and securely.  All material goes insured.  We sell mostly uniform widths, and roll sizes.  Often the rolls are as new.  Even the mixed lots we sell are often fully wrapped, or shrinkwrapped with heavy duty export  clear poly plastic.

Full rolls, clean

Clay coated Kraft Back:   
Recycled but very strong makes this excellent for a variety of end uses.
From a major US mill, we handle the sidetrims and job lots.
14 pt 308 gsm. Prime material 22" rolls. Very high brightness-in the "80's"Specifically for food packaging frozen food, displays and numerous end uses. Clay coated and perfect for 4 color printing and varnish. Really nice.  The printed result- 4 color, varnish etc are incredible, and the board is FDA certified.  We are confident about this one- it s an outstanding product.   If you work in food packaging and understand the product, you ll be pleased with the result. Limited amounts available.

Coated Rolls Click above!

Coated 2 side paper for color books, direct mail etc. About 2 truckloads of very high quality coated groundwood and near woodfree  2 side coated paper rolls.  Manufactured for color printing on HSWO heat set web offset.  All rolls are over 45cms(`17"), Excess printer inventory. Recent and ready for either export or domestic use.  For domestic printers and merchants, we will sell 6-8 rolls.  For export, 20 ft container minimum. Mostly full rolls, wrapped and capped with mill labels.Available now in 2019-will ship partial loads East Coast/Gulf Coast Area.


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For 2021:
  • SBS high end job lots for East Coast printers- Skids and Rolls. Excellent presentation. (ref: 015) 
  • KLB recycled linerboard. 127 160 170 205 and 278 gsm
  • News: standard, SCA, SCB- prime and excess inventory.(ref: hel) 
  • SBS: If you are a converter/printer, let s talk. 
  • KLB recycled liner all basis weights-very nice job lot right price
  • Semi chem  linerboard. Nice-ex USA
  • Colored paper: Text and Cover sheets rolls(ref: 221)
  • Mixed lots LWC
  • Mixed lots woodfree coated
And more at:


LWC- sidetrims and job lots subject to availability; also truckloads available now- mixed lots-original wrap
Truckload combinations - narrow rolls for direct mail
SBS - Solid bleached white board one piece- postcards, displays, packaging
File Folder Rolls- Manila for export only
Coated woodfree and uncoated woodfree paper rolls. 

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