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Paper for Sale - Job Lots

"Movin' paper round the World!!"

Exceptional presentation. New van.


For 2021  Coated gloss and matt. To exact size.  Full truckloads.  WF Offset nice  excess rolls. Woodfree coated two side matt.  LWC.  SCA B and C magazine and Sunday supplement paper. Printer excess rolls. Natural Kraft Linerboard, Recycled KLB both high performance and regular.  Prime and job lot excess off spec.  Carrier Board. Clay coated grey back. CCKB. All new, manufactured by paper groups with mills in the United States. Export only. Manila file folder rolls.  Solid bleached sulphate board from 8 pt and up. SBS C1S and C2S both low and high calipers.  Export only. Cupstock and PE2 both prime and job lot. Paperboard excess prime lots. All recent. Printers and converters only. Full truckloads.  Woodfree uncoated job lot and prime rolls for export. Natural & Recycled liner prime Export only.  We sell direct to printers, and converters only.

MWC rolls 2012 to Europe 65 gsm as new

Pulp & Paper LLC
New Orleans, USA
"Paper in Motion, Paper in Life"
Export only
Paper skids and rolls prime and joblot

Paper for Sale - Job Lots Stocklots SBS Kraftliner LWC from the USA

Your label or ours.


Rolls off to Central America..


This is an offering of both prime, and stocklot paper  for printers and converters.  Weekly offers include both prime and joblot  SBS board, linerboard, newsprint,  LWC, MFC, woodfree coated and uncoated among other qualities.   Also, we sell specialty papers including greaseproof. We sell lots from most of the leading mills, often in original wrap.  Also we carry sidetrims of newsprint, LWC,  and woodfree coated papers.  Unless otherwise stated, the products do not carry a warranty.  All prime material direct mill carries a mill warranty.  We sell export only and are very active abroad.   We also have several mill alliances worldwide for prime and secondary job lots, our strengths being packaging boards and coated papers.  Our success is owing to quality, low prices and word of mouth endorsements by satisfied clients.   We appreciate your business.- Pulp & Paper LLC

  • We buy excess paper rolls .
  • We buy excess paperboard rolls .
  • We sell paper and paperboard rolls.

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email address:  pulppaperusa@gmail.com

  • Year 2021: Export only
  • Colored Tissue Rolls
  • Bath and Towel Tissue Rolls
  • CCKB Carrier Rolls
  • Coated C1S and C2S gloss, matte
  • SBS C1S  Prime & Stocklot
  • Clay coated kraft back & Carrier board
  • White top = EXCELLENT
  • Brown towel / Tissue
  • Woodfree Coated Paper Rolls
  • Prime SBS poly PE2
  • Job lot SBS poly PE2
  • Woodfree Coated Sideruns
  • Kraft linerboard- Natural
  • Kraft linerboard- Recycled
  • Prime SBS-Job lot SBS
  • File Folder Rolls Manila
  • Color kraft rolls
  • Woodfree coated matt / gloss
  • TelDir and News prime export only
  • Uncoated offset

Located near the
Port of New Orleans

SBS Rolls




Pulp & Paper LLC

New Orleans, Louisiana USA

Sales Call: 504-587-9107 or 847-235-7042

Toll Free USA:  866-571-9444  Fax 504-324-0728


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