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Woodfree Uncoated Offset

86 gsm WF uncoated smooth finish. Woodfree uncoated as new. 61.4 cms ex USA Minimum order is 45000 lbs or 20 metric tons 1x40ft container. 53ft van. 40% discount and this is very good paper. Prime w mill wrap. 1.27m diam 76 mms cores. 17" and 24"+ widths.  Tonnage availability does vary

We now have 22" 75 gsm(50#) uncoated wf paper available direct mill. Please ask.  92 brite.  Subject to prior sale Sept 2021


Export printers and converters Year 2021 We have US made woodfree uncoated offset bond. Mostly rolls. Please ask. Significant amounts, standard widths, diameters. As new. Full containers, truckloads.


Have new, woodfree uncoated opaque and white uncoated high brightness offset US brand names, new with mill labelsright now about 3 loads of material just in. Standard sizes, nice, merchant excess. We buy excess from several large US merchants - rolls and sheets, coated and uncoated.
We have any amount of woodfree uncoated you need. 70 gsm and up. Market pricing on the lower
gsm and -25% on the higher gsm. Higher gsm for books, commercial printing and 96ISO. Lower gsm with 88-92 ISO. Same mill. Prime excess -you choose width Printers Publishers only please.
During year 2021

Offset 94 ISO bright-our warehouse NOLA
Rolls to Honduras March 2007

Whatever you need. Prime excess woodfree uncoated offset rolls. 75 gsm 50#. ISO 92/94. Full loads only. Rolls.  Year 2021

Photo take from our offices. MSC Alessia
Offset paper container to Honduras Mar 17 2007

"Paper in Motion, Paper in Life"


Mixed WF Unctd
Typical Export

April 2018:  Have 60 65 70 gsm  all 87, 5  cms widths. New recent manufacture. Full truckloads. Fully wrapped and capped. US mill, European brightness. Very high quality.
Minimum 1 x 20ft container.

Did you know??
Pulp & Paper LLC had over 90% of available rolls either sold beforehand or sold within 15 working days during the past year.   Many orders sell within hours after being offered. We also sell more prime mill direct tonnage than job lot.   We do not convert to sheets in the US. We can and do in Europe. The majority of our tonnage is for intermodal export, although we do have domestic clients.



Inquiries in any language.  Immediate response. 

Shipped Apr 15th 2005
2 meter wf rolls


Woodfree Uncoated - Acid free, recent makings or prime making to your specifications; mills ready and willing to produce prime tonnage.  Narrow to wide rolls, discount on full machine trim.  US and European mills monthly makings. Mill guarantee, punctual delivery times.

2017 Photo Export Sheets




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