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Carrier Board

CCKB is our fastest growing product both as stocklot and prime. For the prime lots please check for approval in your market, country.  We sell carrier board from several mills in the United States. Also, we sell stocklot material. Normally the stocklot rolls are fully coated, but have a light to medium coating.  The rolls are resistant to water and humidity, and used for refrigerated food packaging.  Please ask about possible end uses.  For example, aside from refrigerated food packaging end uses, we also sell the clay coated kraft back for seafood packaging.  We have a client who prints four and five color on the CCKB for high end value added cheese packaging.  A quality product for quality print jobs. Ask.


We have 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 point Carrierboard. Higher gsm rolls for
packaging end use during 2021

Carrier and SBS C1S paperboard rolls

Kraft liner board

Carrier rolls Pulp & Paper

Clean lots of Carrier Board  We have
stocklot carrier board. Clay coated with
light brown kraft reverse. Rolls only.
Slightly imperfect. Single and double
coated, all fully convertible. Rolls are
clean with core plugs.  Excellent
presentation.  All ex US mills.  All
widths and calipers from 14 pt upwards.
Export only.  

Carrier at Destination South America!

Clean white clay coated surface for excellent printing results.
Complies with FDA direct food contact.
Crush resistant and stacks well.
High kraft fiber content.
Ice cream packaging, frozen foods, industrial products,
filter frames.  We have more material about 1-2 loads
monthly 16-24 pt.
Gsm is 330-430.


We ship or you pick up!

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