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49 gsm roto is available. As new Widths to 1.52m Year 2021

From $ASK price.
We have 2 loads SC A 614mms 52 gsm 2021
LWC 52 gsm and up. Spot tonnage only
mechanical(groundwood) coated. Clean, dry various widths. Export only, again, we do not sell domestically, nor to US merchants or brDoneokers.  Pulp & Paper LLC is an export merchant. 2021

Summer 2021:. Large tonnage:
#3 and #4 LWC gloss. 17 1/2"  45 cms. 60 65 and 70 gsm. Standard cores and diamters. Heatset web offset .New wrapped and capped. Export only, direct printers, converters. 

Most of the rolls are sold fully wrapped, as new at up to 50% discount.

Ask for the spot lots. Especially for 8 page web offset.
Narrow rolls. If you can take mixed lots of 17"-20" woodfree and groundwood coated, please call. Can usually ship fully mill wrapped rolls with original labels. Normally about 6-8 months old at most. Will ship to most ports-minimum order 17.5 MT.

LWC for magazines
89,5 cms 48 gsm

For 2021:  We have good amounts of  light weight coated "mechanical coated" paper rolls for 2019. Mixed widths. Paper is both gloss and matt. On the mechanical coated publishing rolls, especially on the lower brightness grades, the matt and gloss look similar- so take advantage of the exceptional pricing. Great for supermarket flyers, sell sheets, direct mail, door-to-door adveritising- all types of color printing. These rolls do the same job as the prime at a fraction of the price.  For the printer or converter that handles a large client base. Roll widths are 44 cms and up. Normally close to full rolls- but always over 60 cms and convertible.  Often loads are full rolls 100 cms diameters and 127 cms diameters. ASK price.



LWC Side trim 80+ ISO brightness 45 cms width. New makings. ASK PRICE. BRAND NEW. MONTHLY.




February 2006
Woodfree Coated Rolls

LWC Excess Printer's Rolls. 56 gsm and up. These rolls are poly wrapped, checked and are clean. Heatset Web Offset rolls which can be either run in web or sheeted in the higher gsm. Two side coated, the paper is in good condition. 60 cms minimum diameter- most are full rolls with 100 cms diameter.  76 mms. cores and widths are mostly in the 83-88 cms range with a few half width rolls included- 45-55 cms at times. 2-3 trucks per month. Reserve early there is usually  a waiting list.  Feb 2021


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