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Kraft Linerboard

Always the same clean high quality rolls

Actively selling white top linerboard, 2021


Recycled KLB available, some medium and some Natural KLB
Also uncoated white top. Throughout the year 2021

Throughout year 2021: White top and Recycled liner excess lots

availble. Export.

For 2021, we can offer natural and recycled linerboard. Regular and high performance HP.  Prime and job lot. Excess prime. 26# - 90#.  127 gsm - 440 gsm.  Full diameters. Standard cores. Exceptionally clean, all NEW material- very unusual for job lot material. Our off spec works better works very well in converting and finishing processes. We sell odd lots of
recycled linerboard for both boxes and tubes! Export only. Please ask!
Direct converters only. 

KLB Rolls for CAFTA & NAFTA markets. 2011

We are very excited about:
Assorted lots of kraft liner- full truckloads, rail cars all for export.  Major US mill groups. Prime and job lot. Excess mill rolls.
Semi chem- 112 gsm, 126 gsm and more. Virgin semi chem medium.  Most of the semi chem rolls go to 40" 100 cms- excellent price.
White top linerboard- take advantage of excellent quality- so good it is for export only.
Large lots of standard widths 1 to 2 meter rolls and everything in between.


Kraftliner "White Top"- We are extremely competitive with the coated white top linerboard. 140-220 gsm . This is an ongoing product and the stocklot quality is very good. Nice, uniform rolls. Major mill. Many satisifed clients. The logistics and pricing work for the most competitive markets. Export only outside North America. year 2021.

Natural Kraft - Extensible. 1000 metric tons. 90 gsm 64 cms width 100 cms diameter . Wetstrength. ASK PRICE
Export only. (Ref 228) ask during 2021

New Dec 2003!! USA made:  100% natural kraft linerboard stocklots- you can tell by the light brown shade-no recycled fibers.  The real deal.  ASK PRICE -20% below European market leve. Ours is ASK m/t CIF delivered port.  Reels. This quality is already being sold-price level works.  (ref  291)

50# Bag Kraft -Two tuckloads available; Siderun reels. 12"(30,5 cms) all wrapped and capped from mill. ASK FOR PRICING. Below 200 FOB. November 2003 Ref bn

Bleached White & Natural kraft mixed lot. This is ongoing. Converter s excess stock- this is ongoing. They re using this for Burger King and McDonald s type fast food bags. Recovered fiber. Giveaway pricing. ASK for photos. (ref bn)


Competitive export pricing.  Lots are ongoing. Limited tonnage.


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