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SBS Board-Reels for Sale


We sell good amounts of SBS C1S andSBS C2S paperboard rolls 8 pt caliper up to basically 24 pt.  Nice prime sidetrims  and steady supply. Ex US mills.  We can supply direct warehouse or direct mill.  House labels.  We also have PE1 and PE2 SBS paperboard rolls. Year 2021

Job lot poly. Prime poly. Cupstock. SBS with PE on reverse side. SBS with 2 PE. We also sell poly coated rolls if needed so this is available throughout the year. Same as the more expensive rolls, why pay more? Export only. Direct converters, packaging firms.

Export only on the SBS and Poly rolls.
Bottom line, our SBS rolls are outstanding.

One advantage is that Pulp & Paper sells very clean SBS stock lots.  We sell both to small and large printers.  In almost every case, our clients re order or give us first refusal for prime orders.  We do 100% export.  Everything is clearly explained.  Also, you are given exact delivery dates.  If there are any changes, you will be advised immediately.  Clients are encouraged to call and ask questions.  Pulp & Paper sells prime and then three other types of fully coated job lot solid bleached sulphate board.  You can order whatever fits your requirements, whatever fits best. Always from US mills, we sell SBS on three continents - as you read this, there is an SBS order en route to one of our clients worldwide. Export only, no domestic deliveries. Direct converters, printers only.

Super clean stocklots w spacers
SBS C1S to Europe

Why we sell more:
"A good product at a good price.....
we work hard for you."

Paper for Sale - Job Lots

These are the rolls

10 pt C2S SBS excess prime

SBS is available in rolls. Excellent presentation.  Loaded into containers the same week. Any size, width, 20 ton minimum. You can combine different gsm/caliper and roll widths.   Need it in Luebeck, Felixstowe or Helsinki next month? No problem. Export only.


SBS C1S - Always available. We will make up a stocklist specifically for you. Exact roll weights.  Exact widths, exact diameter, exact cores. Samples for active clients. You always know what goes in the container beforehand. For Year 2021

Blue Bouncing Crystal Ball

We'll export out of East or West coast. Seattle or Charleston etc. We'll sell in the US or Canada or Latin America-anywhere:  SBS where you want it-when you want it! You ll get a CIF price in about 30 minutes- we re already exporting to most markets. Discounts ASK PRICE off other job lots and these are very high end! No mill guarantee.


You can do process color displays, postcards and other high value added jobs on our SBS-one side or two side coated-We can convert to sheets in Europe or for US, Mexican and Canadian orders.  We reccommend online UV dryer or powder spray on the older 2/c or 4/c printing units.

We now can convert for North American orders;  Also, we will convert for Europe out of Northern France. Nice quality with slight caliper or shade variation, the coating and convertibility are checked by each mill!! Discounted ASK PRICE- we'll deliver or you pick up!

Most w/core plugs
Made in USA!

Copyright 2002 Pulp & Paper LLC

Nice SBS- acceptable quality
-There are caliper variations
-There may be brightness variations
-Coating is checked
-Convertibility is checked
-Superior shipping logistics
-Some lots may even be PRIME quality.  Excess stock or cancelled orders!!

Pulp & Paper LLC
New Orleans, Louisiana USA
Sales Call: 504-587-9107 or 847-235-7042
Toll Free USA:  866-571-9444  Fax 504-324-0728

Copyright 2002 Pulp & Paper LLC