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Tissue - Toilet, Facial, Napkins, Towels

Brown tissue and towel are available. Single ply. 2021. Export only.

  • 2021 29 gsm to 39 gsm 12" to 22" widths
  • Hand towels, napkin. Ex USA
  • Toilet tissue jumbo rolls-large
  • Napkin recycled and colors
  • Air Laid Towel
  • We have BROWN TOWEL available at times
  • Growing


    We're serious about Tissue! We have good mill alliances giving us 100% support to sell both jumbo rolls and sideruns  overseas  Ask about excess industrial handtowels, toilet paper, napkins and more! Clear pricing, reliable  delivery times and detailed technical specifications along with photos and samples are provided. Day-to-day logistical support.  We encourage your inquiries.


    We sell job lot tissue from several major mill groups
    Mills must approve clients.  Also we are able to sell
    prime recycled tissue as well.  Please give us your
    details - let s put an order together! Most of our clients
    do repeat orders!

    Here's how it works:  give us a call, and your reel widths etc and we ll have the quote ready in a couple of days- CIF closest port! You always know where the paper is and when you'll get it!! You get day-to-day logistical support - we believe that the shipping is just as important as making the paper!!


    We try to make it as simple as possible for our clients to work with us. By developing a strong relationship with each customer, we become an integral part of their business. Please tell us the end use, what machines you convert the tissue on.  Tell us what you expect from us.  Do you need a personal visit or meeting during the year? We ll plan one but please advise with lead time.  We want our clients to be completely confident in Pulp & Paper, LLC as an authorized paper supplier.


    Pulp & Paper LLC
    New Orleans, Louisiana USA
    Sales Call: 504-587-9107 or 847-235-7042
    Toll Free USA:  866-571-9444  Fax 504-324-0728

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